A Serious Post

I didn’t really think that I would be talking about a subject like this until later in the blog. But I don’t want to delay talking about this, even if it is depressing. I intended my third post to be about auditioning.

But my post is about Uganda’s ‘Kill The Gay’s’ bill. I can’t even say how much disgusts me. Why would you kill someone for who they love? But this could pass. As a ‘Christmas gift’. A Christmas gift, seriously? Jesus would hardly want a bill that kills people to pass in honor of his birth day.

I sincerely hope that, even if you don’t generally support gay/QUILTBAG people, that you sign a petition against this bill. Please.

Petition One

Petition Two

And I must add a link to this wonderful letter written by a trans*gender woman in Uganda. It’s absolutely amazing, and I want you all to stop and think how much courage it took to write it.

“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak up…and sit down and listen.”

She stood up and spoke. Now we need to sit down and listen.