The Inner Peace and Sunshine Award

I was nominated by Joan! Thank you so much! And sorry this is so late. I’m looking sheepish right now, I swear.

And now for seven things about the brilliant, amazing, yours truly.

1. I am a vegan–if I wasn’t allergic to eggs and dairy, I would just be a vegetarian though. And I still eat honey–but no gelatin, etc, and I don’t wear leather.

2. I’m in community collage. It is very weird. Mostly because I just realized I was one of the older kids at other activities I’m in now…but here, I’m not. At all. Also, it’s collage. That just feels weird.

3. I may or may not be addicted to tumblr.

4. I have a habit of getting really into TV shows and/or binge watching them. My current binge watch is the The Office–I’m on the finale of season four right now. Only five more seasons to go! (yes, it went for nine seasons. That fact makes me very happy.)

5. One of my favorite movies ever is Monsters Inc. When I was four, I went to see it in theaters as much as my parents would allow, then re-watched it on DVD (actually, I think it was VCR back then. Wow. I am old.) even more times. I was kinda obsessed with it. As you can imagine, I was rather emotional about Monsters University when I saw it.

6. I really like to write fluffy fanfiction–my original fiction more varies– and read fluffy stuff. I don’t really understand the dystopian trend right now–not to say I don’t like some of the books, I just don’t understand it. I prefer happier things, especially ones with humor.

7.  I just started reading Les Miserables, and it’s fantastic!


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