The Clockwork Angel (Book Review)

“Jane’s stories are too sensible. Then Diana puts too much murders into hers. She says most of the time she doesn’t know what to do with the people so she kills the off to get rid of them.” So, The Clockwork Angel won the poll. And Anne, it’s certainly much better then either Jane or Diana’s.

Tessa Gray just came to London to live with her brother. Instead she is kidnapped by two sisters, Mrs. Dark and Mrs.Black. They make her ‘change’ into other people. People that are dead, and she relieves their last memories.  The two want to marry her off to someone named The Magister.

Then the Dark Sister’s house is attacked, and Tessa is rescued by Will Herondale. She is taken by him to the Institute of London, the home of Shadowhunters– half-human, half-angel. They hunt demons, and other dangers of London.

And there is something about Tessa. She’s not a Shadowhunter…but what is she?

I really enjoyed this book. It’s one of those books that I couldn’t stop reading …I am a quick reader, but it is a rare thing when I just can’t stop reading a book.

I like Tessa. She was confused by what was going on, and she was scared, which I think is realistic. At the same time, she was definitely a strong female character, and I loved her witty tongue.

That brings us to Will, since he often invoked that witty tongue. Will was such a crazy, funny character. I love him. He has a secretive past as well, which you won’t find out about until the second  book(The Clockwork Prince). His love of books was something that also endeared him to me.I mean, how can I not like someone who loves books?

And then Jem. Is in most books today, there is a love triangle. However, this is one I actually cared about. And Jem and Will are more than just rivals for Tessa’s heart.

Jem is deathly sick, and he is told he won’t live for very long. He has bouts of sickness where he’ll cough blood, and then only thing that helps him is a dangerous drug. Will is devoted to making sure he gets this drug, and they are Parabati— two Shadowhunters who are bonded together, who are a team. Brothers. They are more than just ‘the two boys she has to choose between’.

Oh, and I love Sophie. Can we have even more Sophie in the third book(we get quite a bit in the second book) please?

And Charlotte! And Henry! They’re just…so…one of my One True Pairings now. Just sayin’. And Henry is adorable. I want to cuddle him. He’s like a red bear teddy bear.

The ‘bad guys’ were interesting too. I think they were the kind that really is bad, but…some…well, there are some twists to who is bad, and who isn’t. You’ll enjoy it.

So, all in all, I loved The Clockwork Princess!

Coming soon: The Weirdest Meme.


Music: Lenka: Plus a book review poll

I love Lenka.  She’s such a quirky, adorable individual.  And her music is so unique.

If you’ve never heard her, you’re missing out.

*nods along to the beat*  I’ve never heard someone like her before, and it’s really nice to find someone who has her very own style that way.

This had been rather short….so I add content with a poll. What book would you like to see me review?

Mare’s War: I’ve just started it, but it’s really good already. I love books that tell two stories in one–also, it’s an interesting time period, and the side that it’s told from is not written about much. It wouldn’t be a very interesting time period if it weren’t for that.

The Mortal Engines: Steampunk, steampunk, steampunk! *dances around*  As atale of a girl with a scarred face, a Historian Apprentice, and the Mayor’s daughter, it was very good. A bit…dark…but a very interesting take on steampunk. The author is admired a lot by Cassandra Clare(his series are the reason her series name’s are The Mortal Instruments, and The  Infernal Device).


Clockwork Angel: More steampunk…It’s a exciting, and almost mysterious book. And for once I actually care about the love triangle. Both the boys are so nice though, that I care about them all living at least semi-happily ever after, rather than wanting one over the other to end up with Tessa(though I do have a small preference.)

So, which one my friends? Also, do you listen to Lenka? Speak to me in the comments!:)