Oh, It’s The End of The World Is It?

“Yes, it is,” says the 10%. “No, it isn’t,” says the 60%. “No, it isn’t, but I’m still nervous,” says the 30%.

Well, the world ain’t ending(bad grammar be darned). Just saying. If it was, I somehow think aliens wouldn’t care-their planets might be ending too. Or if not, it seems a far bet that they’d sail down in their spaceship and rescue a bunch of people from a mountain. They’d probably just give you a map, and say, “Second rock to the right, and straight on till morning. Then you’ll find the end of the mountain.” Maybe give you some food and more climbing gear.

And if the apocalypse is coming, then it had better be a steampunk one. Let me die with zeppelins and gears in the sky.

Not mine at all–by VooDooDollMaster

Talk about an Apocalypse. Now that’s cool.

But all steampunk aside–if the world does end in my lifetime, I’m not going to rush to a mountain. I’m just going to the Second World(I hope I’m good enough to make it to Heaven–I think so) and I’m not scared.

But the world isn’t ending anytime soon, if ever. Why end now–we’ve come pretty far. Look at all the progress that we’ve made in the past few years. People of every race have equal rights(well, the USA’s policy towards immigrants could be better), QUILTBAGPIPES(I love that acronym) people can marry in many states(it won’t be long until everyone can marry anywhere in the States), and this generation is so much more accepting of them than past generations, even the ones only a bit older than us. , I’m speaking of the USA, since I live there, but I’m sure it’s true of other places…things are looking up anywhere. So many countries in the Middle East have gotten their dictators off the ‘throne’. Something they’ve been waiting for years.

We aren’t ending now.

Beautiful song, isn’t it? And, also, stay tuned for interviews with Holly Short, Rachel Lynde and more about the End of the World. What do they think?

If you’d like to interview a character/s just let me know in the comments. I’ll give you a nifty badge.

“Uncle Roger,” said the Story Girl, the golden notes of her voice threaded with fear and appeal. “the Enterprise says that to-morrow is the Judgment Day? Is it? Do you think it is?”

“I’m afraid so,” said Uncle Roger gravely. “The Enterprise is always very careful to print only reliable news.”


Anne, And My Love For Her

As a teenage girl, it’s only natural that I should have been exposed to her sometime or another, book or film.

I was introduced to Anne at age eight by the form of a battered thick green book. It had Anne of Green Gables, Anne of Avonlea, and Anne’s House of Dream’s all in it. I was sick, and rather bored. I also had some sort of inner-protest going on that concerned having learned how to read-apparently I thought it was giving in to school to read that big book people said I would enjoy. This also happened when I was seven with Bunnicula(adorable, hilarious book). So sick, and deprived of eating tacos since I felt awful, I turned to Anne.

I loved her. She spoke so quaintly, with all her “Wouldn’t you? “Don’t you think?” and her eyes full of dreams. She had the imagination that I did, playing pretend with imaginary people and talking to trees(well, I’m not sure if I did the latter, but I did think the table was real…?). And she was three years older than me! Surely you can still have your imagination then.

After that I watched her movies, except for the third one as it looked too disappointing. I fell in love with Anne and her kindred spirits. I fell in love with the Island, despite being one of those Yankees Mrs.Lynde disproved of. I think Anne truly made me become a book lover.


I wanted red hair, and though I’ve (oddly enough) never dressed as Anne for Halloween, I’ve dressed up as a red-head three times. I talked with Anne sometimes, just as she talked with Anne-In-The-Mirror. I watched Road to Avonlea. Every book was gold to me, and I’m currently thrilled at the discovery there is another book ‘The Blythe Quoted’. How did I miss that?

Speaking of Blythes, should I not mention Gilbert? Honestly, I never really fell for him like a good many people seem to. I don’t know why. I certainly rooted for him-he and Anne obviously fit well together, even if he was a bit of a jerk on first meeting. And the actor was handsome, and I do prefer Gil to Darcy. I suppose I do have a bit of fictional book romantic idol thing for him, but I care about Anne a good deal more.

But I love Anne, and I will try to have a L.M Mongtomery concerned quote in all my posts. Majority will be from Anne I imagine.

“I am simply a ‘book drunkard.’ Books have the same irresistible temptation for me that liquor has for its devotee. I cannot withstand them.”

Especially when they are yours, Anne.

The Blank Page

The first post. The feeling of staring at a blank screen that all some writers hate. We stare, and think, and do multiple head-desks as we try to get that first line right.

The first line the will decide if the reader continues to read or not. Or in the case of a unpublished author, if the agent will.

This post feels much like that. Will you continue to read my blog, or will you just click to the next blog you’re browsing through?

 “Yes, I have only a few pages written, but I have it all pretty well thought out. I’ve had such a time to get a suitable plot. None of the plots that suggested themselves suited a girl named AVERIL.”