2014, 2014, 2014

It’s such a nicer sounding word than 2013, isn’t it?


“Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new



day with no mistakes in it yet?”


~Anne of Green Gables


Another year has gone by. It’s a always weird to me, January 1st, because the year truly is over. The holidays are over. And I’ll be seventeen, which leaves me one year until eighteen, which is more than a bit scary. But lets not dwell on that (though I have been for the last week, unfortunately for my poor family).
I’m not making any new years resolutions, because I never keep them, but I will try to post on this blog more. It was first year at community college this fall, so I can heap excuses on that, but it’s probably more down to laziness.


New Years Eve 2011 London

New Years Eve 2011 London (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)


As the new year has dawned, that means a new year of writing dawns. For me, that means fretting over if I can write a good novel, and writing a bunch of short stories to submit to collages for my portfolio. But I’d rather not think about colleges, really. But I do like to think about short stories– I work with them best. I haven’t developed my ability at planning out a complicated, long plots yet, so novels are hard.


I am going to try to clear out some old stuff on my Figment account, and start putting new content on there.  I’ll probably put the stories I post up here too, as I’d love for you all to see them! And I’m taking English 101 this term, so ideally that would make me write more regularly, but it won’t be fiction, just essays. That could help in my blog posting skills though.


But enough about me. How has your past year been? What are your hopes for the new year?


Also, I have reached forty followers. Thank you so much all! And I promise a longer post next time.