TCWT Blog Chain: This is Deep

“What is your ultimate goal as a writer?”

“But we’re so careful to put a moral into them all, Marilla,” explained Anne. “I insist upon that. All the good people are rewarded and all the bad ones are suitably punished. I’m sure that must have a wholesome effect. The moral is the great thing. Mr. Allan says so. I read one of my stories to him and Mrs. Allan and they both agreed that the moral was excellent. Only they laughed in the wrong places. I like it better when people cry. Jane and Ruby almost always cry when I come to the pathetic parts. Diana wrote her Aunt Josephine about our club and her Aunt Josephine wrote back that we were to send her some of our stories. So we copied out four of our very best and sent them. Miss Josephine Barry wrote back that she had never read anything so amusing in her life. That kind of puzzled us because the stories were all very pathetic and almost everybody died. But I’m glad Miss Barry liked them. It shows our club is doing some good in the world. . . .”

Is this my goal is a writer? Like young Anne’s, to bring morals into stories, and have them be “doing some good in the world”?

I’m not sure. Partly. Sometimes. Sometimes I write and hope the stories will touch people’s hearts, and inspire them to understand my view, or the beauty of the world. Sometimes I want them to understand the different kinds of heartache people feel–sometimes this heartache is something they would disprove of. The heartache of loving your own gender, of being a ‘wrong’ religion, or of being kicked of land and treated as though you’re the invaders.

But sometimes I write because I’m selfish. I love to see the words forming worlds of steam, fluffy romances, and young detectives.

My goal is sometimes just entertain myself. Like a TV show, writing in a roleplay(John, me and Jasmine shall try to get you that post!) makes me laugh, cry and sometimes just marvel at the worlds we have created. It makes me proud, and I feel like we deserve a fan Tumblr. I’ve made friends on there, ones that I will treasure forever–some of us talk about anything and everything, others I mainly just roleplay with.

But this isn’t about roleplaying.

Sometimes I write because, heck, I always wanted to write a book with Sherlock Holmes having a cameo, and sometimes I just want to write because the world is just beautiful and I want to write something inspiring, and sometimes I feel like I want to slam my computer screen down because the news is just so depressing and then I write.

I guess my goal is…to make people…enjoy. listen. and read.



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The Clockwork Angel (Book Review)

“Jane’s stories are too sensible. Then Diana puts too much murders into hers. She says most of the time she doesn’t know what to do with the people so she kills the off to get rid of them.” So, The Clockwork Angel won the poll. And Anne, it’s certainly much better then either Jane or Diana’s.

Tessa Gray just came to London to live with her brother. Instead she is kidnapped by two sisters, Mrs. Dark and Mrs.Black. They make her ‘change’ into other people. People that are dead, and she relieves their last memories.  The two want to marry her off to someone named The Magister.

Then the Dark Sister’s house is attacked, and Tessa is rescued by Will Herondale. She is taken by him to the Institute of London, the home of Shadowhunters– half-human, half-angel. They hunt demons, and other dangers of London.

And there is something about Tessa. She’s not a Shadowhunter…but what is she?

I really enjoyed this book. It’s one of those books that I couldn’t stop reading …I am a quick reader, but it is a rare thing when I just can’t stop reading a book.

I like Tessa. She was confused by what was going on, and she was scared, which I think is realistic. At the same time, she was definitely a strong female character, and I loved her witty tongue.

That brings us to Will, since he often invoked that witty tongue. Will was such a crazy, funny character. I love him. He has a secretive past as well, which you won’t find out about until the second  book(The Clockwork Prince). His love of books was something that also endeared him to me.I mean, how can I not like someone who loves books?

And then Jem. Is in most books today, there is a love triangle. However, this is one I actually cared about. And Jem and Will are more than just rivals for Tessa’s heart.

Jem is deathly sick, and he is told he won’t live for very long. He has bouts of sickness where he’ll cough blood, and then only thing that helps him is a dangerous drug. Will is devoted to making sure he gets this drug, and they are Parabati— two Shadowhunters who are bonded together, who are a team. Brothers. They are more than just ‘the two boys she has to choose between’.

Oh, and I love Sophie. Can we have even more Sophie in the third book(we get quite a bit in the second book) please?

And Charlotte! And Henry! They’re just…so…one of my One True Pairings now. Just sayin’. And Henry is adorable. I want to cuddle him. He’s like a red bear teddy bear.

The ‘bad guys’ were interesting too. I think they were the kind that really is bad, but…some…well, there are some twists to who is bad, and who isn’t. You’ll enjoy it.

So, all in all, I loved The Clockwork Princess!

Coming soon: The Weirdest Meme.

A Meme and New Years Resolutions

So, my friend Nevillegirl did this at her blog. It was originally taken from The Magic Violinist blog, and she originally took it from her Mom’s blog, and…well, I’m going to do it now.

I love it when…people hug me. It gives me a warm, safe feeling.

I can’t sleep when… I’ve watched a movie like The Woman In Black.

I have a phobia of… Corresponding to the answer above, monsters of the night.

I wish I had… um, I don’t really know…a published, paid for, piece of writing I suppose.

I always smile when…  I watch The Nanny.

I need… New Pajamas. Yes. My Hello Kitty ones are getting worn.

I want… Dragonspeak. And a cool singing voice.

I think most people think I am… That quiet and polite girl.

I think strawberries are…   Delicious. Now that I’m not allergic to them any more.

I think I am… A bit of nerd, and childish. A good person, but not perfect.

My best friend thinks I am…  I don’t have a best friend. I do have a group of good friends though?  My friends I know in person probably think I’m quiet, sweet, and a bit awkward. Online– steampunk nerd(okay, everyone probably knows about my love of steampunk), nerd in general, good kind of crazy.

My family thinks I am… ME. I mean, they just know me. And I’m a combination of everything listed above, with added stuff.

I used to wear…  Lots of dresses. I still would, but being a teenager and wearing lots of dresses generally doesn’t work out well for you.

I wish I knew how to cook… dolmas. They’re so good, and I could eat them every day then! Excuse me while I try not to go to crazy at the prospect.

I wish I didn’t…  Develop habits that I have trouble breaking. Oh, and snap at people.

I’m glad I…  Have my family. Am a writer.

The last movie I saw in the theater was…  Les Miserable.

It was… Amazing, to say the least. Now I shall go bawl.

The last movie I saw on TV was.. I only have a TV that you can insert DVDs, etc in. So, the last movie I saw on it…erh…part of Pride and Prejudice? Also, on Netflix, I recently saw Hugo.

It was… Hilarious as usual. They really play Pride and Prejudice for laughs. Hugo was so steampunk that it made my heart do a little flip.

If I had a month off from everything I would… I’m not sure, really. Write more, I guess.

Today I…  Had my eyes examined. Same as last time…(this would be a good time to mention, that I wear contacts. Thats your random fact of the day, kids!)

Yesterday I…  Went to my leadership group’s meeting.

I like… lots of people, lots of things. Love really. Speaking of love, I like love. Or love love. That’s starting to sound confusing.

Well, now for  my New Years Resolutions. Now,  I’m not big on them really. I mean, I don’t usually keep them…at all. So why make them? But, I’m going to make a list anyway…these are more ‘things I hope to accomplish/and ways I hope to better myself’ then ‘New Years Resolutions’.

1. Work on not snapping at people. Yes, I know that I need to work on this.

2. Participate in FAWM. February Album Writing Month. I am writing a musical, so this should be a good resource, whether I use it for that or not.

3. Get a good solid plan(at least) for my dystopian novel. I’m obsessing a bit about it, but I’ll regret it if I stop obsessing. Or maybe that’s just me obsessing.

4. Stop wishing that fictional roleplay character was real so I could date him. This is one I’ll fail at.

5. Meet a published author. I wish it could be Eoin Colfer. Maybe. Maybe he’ll go on tour near me.

6. Get a short story, poem, etc published. Oh, I hope so.

So, there you are! Happy 2013 ya all! I love you all. ❤

Also, I hope to get the review(as it won the poll) of The Infernal Devices: The Clockwork Angel published soon.

“Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?”

Joy to the World

Tinkles of sleigh bells and distant laughter, that seemed like the mirth of wood elves, came from every quarter.

Merry Christmas everyone one! For me, it’s currently Christmas Eve for, though for some of you Christmas has dawned.

I suppose you would all like to know what Christmas is for me. It’s the celebration of Christ’s birth, it’s about my family, and its about the endless wish for snow. Honestly, I suppose it’s a bit about the presents too–I feel a bit ashamed admitting this, but it’s true.

It was about the decorations too,  when I was little. Since then, I’ve grown to prefer seeing the plastic Santa’s and the lights on other people’s house. Right now, our house is decorated Victorian like, with a table tree, and pine-cone…thingy. It’s a giant pine-cone with fern tree pieces,red Holly? berries and ribbons attached to it. I’m not sure what the correct term for it is, but it’s lovely.

I’ve also bought the Abney Park Christmas album, which only adds to the Victorian (steampunk, perhaps?) feel. I love their song Through Your Eyes on Christmas Eve which I shall post down here.

Beautiful…my favorite Christmas songs will forever be the post title, but I like this one a lot.

Currently, I’m listening and watching Carols from King. It’s the King choir sing various Christmas and worship songs, along with some people reading from the Bible. It’s beautiful service. It’s British, which leads me to the fact that watching Christmas British specials on Christmas and Christmas Eve is something my family did last year.  We’re probably doing that this year too–well, we’re certainly watching Downton Abbey.

Now, I want to thank you all. For following me, for commenting and supporting me in the start of a blog. You’re all dears.

Merry Christmas, Merry Holiday, or just Merry wishes to you.

But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart. 20 The shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for all the things they had heard and seen, which were just as they had been told.

And a little Christmas present for you, though I nothing to do with this book, or the posting of it online.

“That’s a Christmas present for you, Anne,” said Matthew shyly. “Why–why–Anne, don’t you like it? Well now–well now.”

For Anne’s eyes had suddenly filled with tears.

“Like it! Oh, Matthew!” Anne laid the dress over a chair and clasped her hands. “Matthew, it’s perfectly exquisite. Oh, I can never thank you enough. Look at those sleeves! Oh, it seems to me this must be a happy dream.”

Read the whole chapter here–  and book that is.)                                                                                               I never fail to grin at Matthew and the brown sugar.

Oh, It’s The End of The World Is It?

“Yes, it is,” says the 10%. “No, it isn’t,” says the 60%. “No, it isn’t, but I’m still nervous,” says the 30%.

Well, the world ain’t ending(bad grammar be darned). Just saying. If it was, I somehow think aliens wouldn’t care-their planets might be ending too. Or if not, it seems a far bet that they’d sail down in their spaceship and rescue a bunch of people from a mountain. They’d probably just give you a map, and say, “Second rock to the right, and straight on till morning. Then you’ll find the end of the mountain.” Maybe give you some food and more climbing gear.

And if the apocalypse is coming, then it had better be a steampunk one. Let me die with zeppelins and gears in the sky.

Not mine at all–by VooDooDollMaster

Talk about an Apocalypse. Now that’s cool.

But all steampunk aside–if the world does end in my lifetime, I’m not going to rush to a mountain. I’m just going to the Second World(I hope I’m good enough to make it to Heaven–I think so) and I’m not scared.

But the world isn’t ending anytime soon, if ever. Why end now–we’ve come pretty far. Look at all the progress that we’ve made in the past few years. People of every race have equal rights(well, the USA’s policy towards immigrants could be better), QUILTBAGPIPES(I love that acronym) people can marry in many states(it won’t be long until everyone can marry anywhere in the States), and this generation is so much more accepting of them than past generations, even the ones only a bit older than us. , I’m speaking of the USA, since I live there, but I’m sure it’s true of other places…things are looking up anywhere. So many countries in the Middle East have gotten their dictators off the ‘throne’. Something they’ve been waiting for years.

We aren’t ending now.

Beautiful song, isn’t it? And, also, stay tuned for interviews with Holly Short, Rachel Lynde and more about the End of the World. What do they think?

If you’d like to interview a character/s just let me know in the comments. I’ll give you a nifty badge.

“Uncle Roger,” said the Story Girl, the golden notes of her voice threaded with fear and appeal. “the Enterprise says that to-morrow is the Judgment Day? Is it? Do you think it is?”

“I’m afraid so,” said Uncle Roger gravely. “The Enterprise is always very careful to print only reliable news.”