Hate to Love

Highclere Castle

Highclere Castle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


What do I hate to love? I’m not really sure if there is anything…some of the stuff are things that, if found out by my peers, could raise a few eyebrows though.


Downton Abbey: I get completely addicted to this show. During it’s run, my week is spent wondering, discussing, and discussing some more about what will happen in it.  Oh, and searching like a crazy woman for spoilers.


Old Music: Not rock and roll from the 80s, or the Beatles. No, stuff like the Carter Family, or those folk bands that don’t get a huge amount of people at their concerts despite being really good.  I’m just a few decades young to be a fan of those. No one expects a teen to be one.


Bright Sunny Pop Music: Yes, a complete turn around from the genre above. But, that also gets a….why would you like that? You should like something more cultured? vibe. Especially when people are going around saying how pop starts are so annoying. I honestly don’t care what pop stars do, as long as they don’t drag me into it. Let Justin Beiber sing like a girl–I don’t care. In fact, what’s wrong with it?


That said, I’m not a fan of him, though I have heard a few of his songs, and thought them okay.


People: I may not care what stars do, but I do like reading about them when I chance upon such a magazine at the doctor/dental office.


Dear Abby/Amy/etc: It’s fun. it’s like listening to Rachel Lynde!


“Few things in Avonlea ever escaped Mrs. Lynde.  It was only that morning Anne had said, ‘If you went to your own room at midnight, locked the door, pulled down the blind, and sneezed, Mrs. Lynde would ask you the next day how your cold was!’”


There. You have it. Those are my slightly embarrassing (perhaps) little facts about me.


Now, tell me some of yours? Come on! I did, now you.