Late Researching

I may have been down for the 21st. And it may now be June.

Okay, I was, and it is. I really don’t have a good excuse other than…okay, I don’t really have a excuse. I had time. I just got distracted.

But, the theme. The theme for this month’s Teens Can Write Too blog chain is researching!

And researching, as a writer, can be very…erh, interesting. And rather alarming if you are a friend that is scrolling through the writer’s history…but why would you be doing that? That’s snooping!

Many writers, including me, have frequented the baby names sites, searches on bullet wounds, strange diseases, general wounds, oh, and broken bones. Injures/wounds/illnesses are all very popular. We love to make our characters suffer, apparently.

I remember some of my research being quite strange. Some is harmless–a word in a different language, a food recipe–while some is full of injuries, recovery time, different types of comas. When I think about it, most of my research is pretty tame compared to some. I guess I’ve been fairly nice to my characters? *cues characters yelling at me* Or not.

So, if you click on your writer friend’s history accidentally, don’t be alarmed. Really.  Don’t.

Also, I apologize for this being a terribly short post. Again, I have no excuse.


Wow. Anniverseries.

There are so many epic anniverseries this year, I am not sure where to began.

Okay. I actually do know where to began…

Pride and Prejudice

The most beloved love story of all time. The book that makes everyone(erh, I actually don’t) long for a Mr. Darcy. The book that has one of the most amusing cast of characters. The book that uses hardly any description, which really boosts my ‘how I do on description’ esteem. Because, hey, everyone loves Pride and Prejudice and no one knows what Lizzie looks like.

But enough of that.

I first became acquainted with Lizzie Bennett when I was…four? Five? I just always remember watching the BBC miniseries, and eating tea sandwiches.

Man. I need to eat more of those. They are delicious.

To say I can quote Pride and Prejudice is probably true. We’re kind of big on Pride and Prejudice in my family. There are three woman after all in this family, but really, gender doesn’t matter in who likes it.

I read the book when I was thirteen–it was a easy read, really. Not all of Austen’s are. Emma was harder to get through, but at the same time it wasn’t…stiff or too different. That’s the beauty of Austen. We may be flying cars in the sky someday, and calling the moon our playground, but she will still speak of people, real people, that fit into empire waist dresses , jeans and a t-shirt, or a shiny futuristic outfit.

Lizzie is easily a modern woman, as demonstrated by the Lizzie Bennett diaries. Emma could easily reside on Tumblr. Catherine would read Twilight.

Pride and Prejudice is timeless. It always will be.

Doctor Who

I’m not entirely sure whats going on here.

Ah, Doctor Who. It’s 50th year is in 2013 and the Whovians are in a frenzy.

Well. I’m not sure if we’re in a frenzy. But we are excited. Very excited. I mean, David Tennant is coming back after all! And Tennant pretty much is a fan’s inspiration…he always wanted to play the Doctor, and he ended up doing so, as well is marrying his favorite Doctor’s daughter. I am not kidding.

For those of you who don’t know, Doctor Who is a science fiction show about an alien who travels through time and space in a police call box that is really infinite space ship. The space ship also happens to be alive, and slightly insane. He also regenerates aka changes bodies every so often.

Basically it’s kind of a quirky show that is really easy to start obsessing over. It has the potential to be timeless. Especially in Britain. I mean, if you call during Doctor Who the person on the other line is bound to yell at you.

It’s that popular.

The Doctor has had eleven bodies by now. The First was a grumpy older man(and he thinks he is dignified) who really got the essence of the Doctor. He is the first Doctor, the one who laid the path for the other Doctors.

Right now we have Eleven, who is a loveable goof ball that has a lot of limbs. Kiss him and they shall flair. All about.

People love Doctor Who because…there is usually something fun in it.    There is humor, adventure, and a man in a box who is utterly mad but at the same time, utterly sane. And then sometimes there is no fun, and we all have a lot of feels. And then we’re mad at it.

I started watching him in 2010. I first watched a clip with one of the companions appearing in his TARDIS, yelling at him and him uttering confused “Whats?” Then I watched The Unearthly Child, which is the first episode. The unearthly child is, in fact, his granddaughter, Susan. The main Doctors I started with were Hartnell and Tennant, aka One and Ten. I think the first ever I saw of Doctor Who was simply a clip from the end of Doomsday, where Donna appears in the TARDIS and begins to yell at Ten.

Ah. A start of a beautiful friendship. No seriously, it was. Doctor Who is more than just a science fiction show filled with adventures. Yes, that is it’s core, but it also has beautiful friendships, grandparent/parental relationships, and an odd romance thrown in there every so often. And these relationships aren’t just between the Doctor and someone, they are between side characters, or companions.

It’s a pretty amazing show, and I will most likely tear up during the Anniversary special(I almost teared up during The Journey to the Center of the TARDIS after all. Especially if certain people make a surprise appearance.

So, yes. Anniversaries are upon us. Anniversaries of stories I have been  surrounded by since a young child, that I only recently discovered. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did, if you don’t already.

The Award that Tells You That I Am Inspiring

Yep. I am.

Miss Alexandria, a wonderful blogger and steampunker,  gave me a lovely award! Thank you! And you guys should, you know, go follow her.

Le Rules:

1. Display the Award Certificate on your website
2. Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented your award
3. Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers
4. Drop them a comment to tip them off after you’ve linked them in the post
5. Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

Hmm. Seven interesting things…

1. I play the violin. Very basically however, and I hardly ever actually, you know, play it.

2. I have the habit of blanking when I am supposed to name my favorite books,  a certain amount of them, etc. This is happening now.

3.  I’ve written one novel. It seriously needs a lot of revising.

4.  I am most proud of a character that I created in a steampunk roleplay. Edith. I may have mentioned her once or twice.

5. I love history. I am not that good at exact dates, but I love learning about people’s stories, or just…history. It’s fascinating.

6. I love listening to music–all kinds. It inspires me. Yet, I am not that musical.

7. I’m Christian. Non-denominational.


NevilleGirl Her blog is what introduced me to WordPress and the world of blogging, really. So she really deserves this.

Jasmine who I shall be seeing on Sunday! To say I am excited is a understatement.

Elyse  who drew baby Gertra and I am still dying of adorableness.

Orphu Epic blogger and her posts are hilarious.

Kiwi who is very awesome, and a great Nanoer.

Vee who has a very lovely blog!

Ann, who also likes Artemis Fowl! That speaks highly of her awesomeness.

Thay, who has a blog(obviously) and you can not tell how happy that makes me.

Brittani, who was one of the first people I flaired (no, spell check, flaired is a real word) about House of Anubis with.

Sarah, who is epic. Also. SOUFFLES.

Miriam,  who made me feel encouraged about revising/rewriting/second drafting.

Wren, who is very sweet and is a fellow actor!

Jordan, another fellow Nanoer!

Gabrielle, who likes classics and period dramas. Very good taste.

TCWT Blog Chain: This is Deep

“What is your ultimate goal as a writer?”

“But we’re so careful to put a moral into them all, Marilla,” explained Anne. “I insist upon that. All the good people are rewarded and all the bad ones are suitably punished. I’m sure that must have a wholesome effect. The moral is the great thing. Mr. Allan says so. I read one of my stories to him and Mrs. Allan and they both agreed that the moral was excellent. Only they laughed in the wrong places. I like it better when people cry. Jane and Ruby almost always cry when I come to the pathetic parts. Diana wrote her Aunt Josephine about our club and her Aunt Josephine wrote back that we were to send her some of our stories. So we copied out four of our very best and sent them. Miss Josephine Barry wrote back that she had never read anything so amusing in her life. That kind of puzzled us because the stories were all very pathetic and almost everybody died. But I’m glad Miss Barry liked them. It shows our club is doing some good in the world. . . .”

Is this my goal is a writer? Like young Anne’s, to bring morals into stories, and have them be “doing some good in the world”?

I’m not sure. Partly. Sometimes. Sometimes I write and hope the stories will touch people’s hearts, and inspire them to understand my view, or the beauty of the world. Sometimes I want them to understand the different kinds of heartache people feel–sometimes this heartache is something they would disprove of. The heartache of loving your own gender, of being a ‘wrong’ religion, or of being kicked of land and treated as though you’re the invaders.

But sometimes I write because I’m selfish. I love to see the words forming worlds of steam, fluffy romances, and young detectives.

My goal is sometimes just entertain myself. Like a TV show, writing in a roleplay(John, me and Jasmine shall try to get you that post!) makes me laugh, cry and sometimes just marvel at the worlds we have created. It makes me proud, and I feel like we deserve a fan Tumblr. I’ve made friends on there, ones that I will treasure forever–some of us talk about anything and everything, others I mainly just roleplay with.

But this isn’t about roleplaying.

Sometimes I write because, heck, I always wanted to write a book with Sherlock Holmes having a cameo, and sometimes I just want to write because the world is just beautiful and I want to write something inspiring, and sometimes I feel like I want to slam my computer screen down because the news is just so depressing and then I write.

I guess my goal is…to make people…enjoy. listen. and read.



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The Next Big Thing: A Blog Hop

I was tagged by Joan! Thank you Joan!

Ten Interview Questions for the Next Big Thing:

What is your working title of your book (or story)?

Crime Chasers

Where did the idea come from for the book?

I am honestly not sure. No, wait the title..  I thought of it, and then I stated to think of the plot.

What genre does your book fall under?

Detective Fiction.

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

Anna-Sophia Robb for Gertra.

Skye Bennett as Maurice

Jace…I am not sure.

Rose Leslie as Jane

Agent Carter…again, I am not sure.

Ms. Ice(yes, that is a fake name she uses. :P)…Michelle Dockery, maybe? She would need to have blonde hair for it though.

What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?

Three teens run a detective agency, but there is more danger than just the cases they solve surrounding them.

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?

An agency is what I’ll aim for.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

A month. *points to Nanowrimo* And it shows.

What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

I suppose the old Boxcar Children books, and then Sherlock Holmes. Except they are much,  much better.

Who or what inspired you to write this book?

I…really don’t know. I think it was the title. It jumped out at me, and I found it intriguing.

What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?

There is science-fic stuff? Kinda of….And there is a kidnapper(but there is stuff that makes them not so bad, believe me)/detective romance! Yay! Messed up, right?

In all seriousness, don’t fall in love with your kidnapper.

Unless he is Artemis Fowl.








Sixteen. Yay.

I’m really not one of those people that gets excited for birthdays. Or for getting older. I mean…I don’t want to drive! I do want to get j

A decorated birthday cake

A decorated birthday cake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ob…but just a small one. But all in all…I’m not ready to be sixteen!

When I was little, sixteen always seemed so old to me. So in charge, mature, grownup. And I’m certainly not any of those…not that I want to be grownup–that’s what scares me. But I thought I would be less…confused about life at sixteen. Instead I’m more confused.


Well, I’ll just sigh dramatically then. That’s always a good thing to do when writing about TEENAGE ANGST.

But I’ll cherish my youth…once I was thirteen, and that felt…scary. Now it seems nothing…sixteen…I may be getting older, but I’m still going to be as young and immature as I want to.

Long Time, No Post: Oh. And Penguins.

Yes…I apologize my followers. *bows deeply* I had production week, and a project to finish so I pretty much abandoned my online life except for two of my role-plays. But now I’m back.

And I do not know what to say. Hmm. Lets see. Ah. Yes. Here we go. First…Well, I’m not entirely sure why penguins crop up so much on my blog, but there you go.

So. One of my good friends suggested “If you were outside and it started raining penguins, literally. What would you or people do?”

First I’d start screaming and wish I had watched Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds so I knew how to prepare. Then I’d run inside, lock the door, and decide that the penguins are indeed cursed. First depressing movies, then attacking me.

Cursed, certainly.