Long Time, No Post: Oh. And Penguins.

Yes…I apologize my followers. *bows deeply* I had production week, and a project to finish so I pretty much abandoned my online life except for two of my role-plays. But now I’m back.

And I do not know what to say. Hmm. Lets see. Ah. Yes. Here we go. First…Well, I’m not entirely sure why penguins crop up so much on my blog, but there you go.

So. One of my good friends suggested “If you were outside and it started raining penguins, literally. What would you or people do?”

First I’d start screaming and wish I had watched Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds so I knew how to prepare. Then I’d run inside, lock the door, and decide that the penguins are indeed cursed. First depressing movies, then attacking me.

Cursed, certainly.


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