TCWT Blog Chain: The Emporer’s Edge

So this month is self-published books month at the TCWT blog chain! For that, I read(or rather, am reading as I just download it yesterday. I am already more than halfway through. It’s that good) The Emperor’s Edge. It’s a steampunk book that’s absolutely amazing. Amarathe is our lead character, a proper(according to one member of the team. There’s quite an entertaining scene where four of her team members spend a conversation deciding what the right word for her is) enforcer. However when she learns of a conspiracy against the young emperor, she knows that she needs to do something about it and that just might mean enlisting the help of Sicarus, a famous assassin and a rag-tag team that she assembles.

I only found two typos so far, and those were only a case of two words not having a space between them. That may have just been the way my Dad’s kindle formated it though, or the way I read it. I know I often think that when reading, well critiquing, books people send to me on Microsoft Word.

It’s free to download, if you go to her website, and there are several more books in the series, and some more to be released as well.

I strongly recommend checking it out, even if you aren’t, like me, into reading e-books. I think there might be a way to read a paperback copy as well, though I’m sure that wouldn’t be free, but probably very reasonably priced. And when you’re caught up, check out the fan-forum. There’s even fanfiction!


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